A downloadable Arcade Game for Windows

This is an entry for the Ludum Dare 40 game jam.

The player is a miner, and he has to look out for pirates, the more ore he collects, the more the pirates go after the player.

Collect 15 ore into the base, and you get another ship, if you happen to lose one. Be careful, the more ore the player ship has, the longer it takes to unload it onto the base.

The player ship can hold 10 ore. The more you hold, the more pirates will come after you.

Collect chests that the pirates drop when destroyed and more pirates will appear. For every chest you pick up, you can fire a missile.

Use the O key to turn off music. The M key to turn it back on.

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Install instructions

Extract the zip file into a folder, and run the exe file. Or run it right inside of the zip file. This game was created using MonoGame 3.6.

If you don't have Windows 10 you may need the .NET runtime. You can download it here.


ShadowAndPlanet.zip 6 MB

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