A downloadable GameOff2018 for Windows

Instructions: Gather ore from asteroids found around you. They are the light gray dots on the radar. The radar is in the upper right corner. The player is the larger white dot. The enemy bases are in red, and the enemy boss is orange. Ore is used to repair your ship if it receives damage. The player also receives exp points for mining ore. That is done by drifting close to an asteroid and holding down the Left Shift key. To fire use the Left Ctrl key. Ship control is done with the arrow keys.

The enemy is busy mining asteroids too, as they make drones to get it from asteroids. When enough is collected a boss ship is launched that it made from the ore.

As you go up in level your shots do more damage and things get more dangerous.

If you destroy all the enemy bases you will be teleported to your hanger and new enemy bases will teleport in.

Note: I did not get time to add all the features I had planned. Life got in the way and took over a week of time that I had planned on using for this game.

Install instructions

Unzip folder anywhere. It does not write any data so it will work anywhere. Run the exe file.

You will find the GitHub here.


Dynastar.zip 31 MB


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Hey it's a great space game ! congratulations, is it your first one ? I've made one my self calle "elite dangereuse" (i am french), check it out !

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Thank you!

Nope, check out the github link, you can see all the games I've made. I've not made many using Xenko though.
I love Elite. I'll check it out if there is an English version.


I plan on uploading an English version of elite today! I'd like you to try it ;)

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Sweet! I'll check that out later.